Martin Swig 1934-2012

The automotive community's heavy hitters have weighed in with lists, words, and accomplishments of Martin Swig the businessman, the enthusiast and friend. I feel lucky to have been drawn into this deep automotive enthusiasm, at first by one of his events – the 2002 Double 500, which essentially started a domino effect that amended the route notes for my own path in automotive adventures, and sparked many treasured friendships.  Despite his reputation as a who’s who in the car game, his enthusiasm wasn’t limited to the fancy or elite. He was as excited about seeing a Renault R16 climb a mountain pass flat-out or a pristine Fiat 850 Sport Coupe as a rare Ferrari or Gullwing Mercedes on his revered California Mille event. Thank you Martin, for sharing that enthusiasm with us. You’ll be missed.

Awards "Ceremony" at the 2004 Double 500. In the upper right hand corner is the hardtuned "Rust Galaxie". Jay Lamm (pink shirt) reaches for an award while Martin waxes poetic about some car being even crappier than the last award winner.

Martin talks with the wife of a Hudson collector

On the Iron Bottom in the Toyota Celica liftback

At the wheel of his Lancia on the California Mille

Participating (and overheating) in the California Melee

Leave it to Martin to get a whole town out of school midweek to see some old cars drive by.... California Mille 2007, Ferndale CA