hardtuned's haloween costume retrospective

Gumball Machine, Sutro Tower. This was the pinnacle of effort. These were officially the most expensive, heaviest, and unweildy costumes we have fabricated. The Gumball machine costume weighed in at close to 40lbs. Sutro tower was closing in on 35lbs. I will never admit how much time was spent on both of these costumes. The Gumball machine was nearly impossible to manoever through crowds, and Sutro tower had issues with door openings. The fact that the door openings are tall and wide at the Headlands Center for the Arts made it somewhat bearable.

Gumball Machine. (the coin recepticle had expired by the time this photo was taken at left)
PVC pipe frame, thin wood and plexiglass outer, acetate inner window holding hundreds of hand painted ping pong balls. The first iteration had plexiglass inside and out, but the weight was crippling. The ping pong balls were not cheap.
Gumball hat was popular.

Inspiration - The real Sutro Tower at left. My version was a bit out of proportion due to the fact I had to fit into the middle. Made from PVC pipe pinned together with bolts. Complete with lighted tower tops, and blinking red lights. When worn, it was over eight feet tall. This presented a bit of a challenge to mobility.

From the Headlands' own newsletter.

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