hardtuned's haloween costume retrospective

The Golden Gate Bridge. I was inspired after building Sutro Tower, and this one took a fair amount of effort. The roadway is yellow foam, spray-painted and striped accordingly. The lower half of the towers are material, sewn and connected to foam and material "Shaka Zulu" (as described by Nils) boots representing the concrete piers and water. The towers are PVC pipe frames clad in chicken wire. The wire was covered in paper mache (with wood glue instead of flower/water) and then painted. Blinking tower lights were salvaged from the Sutro Tower costume. the cars are Matchbox and Hotwheels from my own collection. The wire cables support and balance the roadway. This is getting ridiculous.

Paul Ryan at right. (Todd Lapin photo)

Photo by Todd Lapin

Tower construction
Drying Tower, stuffed fabric legs.
Piers, and water

Road before striping

Photo below as seen in the:

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