24 Hours of LeMons Trophy and Penalty Art

In addition to running with the Ecurie Ecrappe/Autodenta effort and providing Event Manager services, hardtuned also fabricates awards and provides "creative support" for the event.

Below: Trophies for LeMons Texas, October 17-18 2008

Below: Trophies for Lemons South, New England and Detroit

Grill of Damoclese

Below: Lemons SF 2008

Most Likely To Leave in an Ambulance

The Golden Neckbrace - for banned technology

Heroic Fix - the distributor simulates an axle above the A-Arm....

No Prayer of Finishing

No Prayer of Winning

People's Choice Lemons SF 2008

Prayer of Finishing

Prayer of Winning

Training wheels

Below are pieces from Thunderhill's 2007 event.

grills of damoclese (July 07)

2007 manufacturer title and driver title

Larry Craig #2