Bill's rides of urban style :

Audi A4 Quattro

actual snow!

1990 E30 M3

17" rims, dtm exhaust, chip, msd, springs/bars/shocks drinking the 96 octane gas!

Bill Miatas, Escorts and such......

mmmmmmm goood

1997 red Miata
Bought new, and lived at 27th Street in the city.
Turned up at auto auction after sale.
similar to photo

Bill's 99 miata sold in 2000. - Backed into on 27th Street.

1990 Escort GT  
Silver 1990 Escort GT - blew out shocks in 12k miles, was kicked and jumped on outside the Serg & Jeff 5th Street Driftstone Apartments in San Jose. The car was written off in a freak single car accident. Bill learned that 60mph with bald tires through a 25mph corner on Niles Canyon Road simply wasn't possible. Bill managed to write the car off without damaging any exterior panels. The front bumper hit the concrete K wall and bent the engine compartment. The rear of the car hit the corner of the bumper. Frame damage without scratches takes immense skill. No photo available
1991 Escort GT  
Replacement to the totaled 1990 Escort. Bill replaced the silver car with a red one. The shocks blew out in this one equally as fast.
This car was autocrossed a couple of times.
1971? BMW 2002  
Purchased for somewhere less than $1000 - this was the smoke belching transportation from P-Town to San Jose. The car lost a bolt on the block that caused massive oil loss, and was threatened with calls to the EPA from angered motorists on highway 680. similar to photo
1983 Toyota Celica  
Bill's late eighties transportation. The car had 1/4 million miles, and was tan with a fine patina of use. The day he put the stiff springs and shocks in it, we went out and played in the rain - doing handbrake turns at Stoneridge Mall on bald rear tires. Driving back from the mall on Hopyard road, the bald rear tires met a puddle and we careened across traffic and we ended up backwards into a tree on the center divide. It bent the rear hatch and crumpled the roof. The passenger's seat adjuster came undone, sending me backwards in the car. The car was totalled
Similar to photo
Gill, the truck  
Gill the truck was an early sixties Ford Truck painted lighter than schoolbus yellow with multiple spray cans. Impress the neighboors and dates with this curb hopping, dump haulin' dream. No Photo available yet.....
1987 911 Turbo  
Dreams became reality in 2000 with the escalation of the stock market and the fortune of working at a full blown hosting provider for global internet content delivery. Unfortunately, the Dot.Com bubble burst, and the Turbo had to go. Don't worry - there will be more interesting cars to come. B&B Triflow, polished lips, and near perfect car throughout. It wore the door ding magnets at night to keep the neighboor from dinging it.

Take a closer look at the Bill Turbo
Kermit the Saab 1999 Saab 93  
Bill's current "family"car. Most of the time you will find Jen behind the wheel while Bill tools around in the M3.
Kermit the Saab is actually metallic light pea green.
Otherwise, similar to photo.