Bugeyes - "beer cans on wheels"

1961 Bugeye - Owner - Jeff
Acquired with a mini in a trade for "the Mini". Slapped a new tranny in and went - rather slowly - it was a 998 with a straight exhaust pipe. The magnesium Cosmic wheels were a period accessory.
Blue Bugeye - I don't remember where we found this one, but we had it at the same time I had the white one. This was purely a resale....I think it had an extra tranny that went into the white one. It was restored by the new owner in Sacramento.

Project Bugeye -

Found by Serg in a nearby neighborhood - my dad got a hold of it and restored it - bare metal, new 1275cc, weber, longman head, 76hp at the rear wheels on the dyno -

At left - pretty much done... it still needed a little suspension sorting when we sold it to an MG club member who took it to Texas .... they still have it.