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Ecurie Ecrappe/AUTODENTA Arse Sweat-Apalooza 2010

August 2010. Mark this event as the official degredation of our paint scheme and theme.

Don't have many pictures, but the car started out mostly yellow up front with some gold penalty leftover paint on the front quarter panels from last time. The new nose was reshaped and back in action. I sat this one out, while healing 13 broken bones from a two-wheeled mishap earlier in the summer. Christine Rotolo joined Conrad, Nick, and Christine K and ran with the new 22 gallon fuel cell. Also notable was the fact the entire event was run on used tires from the last two races.

As the weekend progressed, each penalty brought more pink and other non-matching spray paint to the already hooptie-looking canvas.

Photos below are in no particular order.

Nick in the pink Ecurie Ecrappe Spider

Later, pink gave way to silver and what I can only describe as a technicolor vomit scheme.

Special thanks (again) to Stevenson Restoration Services

Nick's photos on the LeMons facebook gallery

and : Alfa Parts Exchange

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