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Ecurie Ecrappe/AUTODENTA At Thunderhill Test February 2009

Ecurie Ecrappe participated in an exclusive LeMons track day at Thunderhill Raceway Park February 12th 2009.

We peeled the dried-out race rubber from the 2006 VW Golf effort out of deep storage and slapped it on our "gold spoke" Chromodoras. Conrad also fixed the right front corner damage from the last race with some steel he'd formed for another project on the English Wheel.

This was the car's first outing on the entire circuit without chicanes to slow things down, and it performed flawlessly, as did the three Ecurie members, and the Arc Angel who'd never driven the "back side" of the course.

Routine exhaust pipe maintenance was performed when "the smoke pipe" fell to the track, and by the end of the day the dipstick tube became leaky and produced a telltale puff around right hand corners, but the motor was still willing to pull to redline.

Wheel change, ground strap cleaning and seat installation at 7:20am - the seat was out drying after weathering several rainstorms

On the way in the LeMons "Highway De-Beautification Devision" Truck

New right front fender and old but once sticky rubber

Conrad pounds on Martin's wheel

Delusional, but having fun.

Not so much for this poor bird.

Special thanks (again) to: Alfa Parts Exchange

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