bending steel with heat and sand
Ecrappe Fabrication
Craig fills tubing with sand, and Christine R. of the Fallen Angels team welds caps on the bar to keep it inside.

Above, the heat and bending begin.

Below, the bends in process and some reflection.

Roll Cages and General Prep

The team takes a Sunday completes roll bar bending after the hydraulic bender kinks the tubing. There was also some extensive fiddling with the starter and driveshaft Guibo.

"Ah, much better without the weight of this glovebox. The floor, she is light weight, but not looking so good .

It must have been the undercoating removal that caused the failure."

Conrad makes a "cold air intake"

Based on gains found in our "dyno room" and inspiration from the Fast and Furious film series,

along with a few trips to Hot Import Nights... our Veloce air box should hit the aftermarket marketed through's Giuseppi Conrado brand.

Christine on the undercoating removal inside the car and on wheel removal outside.

A leaky front seal led to the removal of the transmission. We found the seal in backwards, and a giant crack in the bellhousing. With that welded, the starter threw a tantrum, and got all noisy. Once the proper bolts were located for the starter, the flywheel hit the new welds, but that was a self correcting problem.

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