The team took their full scale model to England to get some time in the Red Bull (ex-Jaguar) tunnel. Mockups were made, but didn't jive with the results observed in testing in front of Conrad's shop in Berkeley. They went back to the drawing board. The rear seemed good but the front dive planes were problematic. The team called in some favors from an ex-chairman of Lockheed.

With a mainframe computer equipped with a computational fluid dynamics program, the final aero package was ironed out in a virtual 3D environment. The final data was carried back by a locked and handcuffed briefcase to Ecurie Ecrappe's underground Oakland prep facility where the additional aero panels were attached. The material was sourced and cut at the team's Berkeley facility.

The rear package has been described by many as "Top Notch"

Designer Giuseppe Conrado integrated the roll hoop and windscreen into an elegantly aerodynamic structure.

Besides his talent as a designer, Conrado is also skilled at pulling rivets with his teeth!

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