Ecurie Ecrappe's LeMons Weekend

Alfa is GO!

Members of the Fallen Angels Maserati Biturbo team Hanna and Anna flank the 'Arc Angel'

Wildlife in the paddock. Jay's stuffed slalom dogs hung out in the truck.

Bagpiper and Ecurie Ecrappe! She usually plays weddings.

Squadra Pinto! Footwell shot above is the #40 Turbocharged pinto. Duff cut the brake pedal (it was formerly an automatic tranny) in half and fabbed this "top notch" top and bottom hinging pedal cluster. That has to be the coolest pedal configuration I've ever seen.

Pinto Man Mertz, and the ladies of Squadra Pinto 3.

Early on, there was a hitch in the second gear synchro. Halfway through the first stint, we lost the synchro, but it still engauged with double clutching. Halfway through the second stint, second gear failed altogether. While it slowed us down in a couple of spots, it wasn't as bad as you'd think.

On the board early!

Fuzzy WORKS Mirage, and the Fallen Angels Biturbo.

The word in the paddock was that the Turbo Pinto was undriveably fast in a straight line.

Things went well for Ecurie Ecrappe until the third driver change. We'd moved into first spot, (despite the transmission hitch) but the car began to sputter early in Conrad's stint. Our problems were twofold - a distributor and condensor problem, and the mechanical fuel injection pump went out at the same time.

Conrad lept into action, Alfa Parts Exchange also ran to our aid with several Spica pumps. Mike, the Spica guru from the Barber Alfa Shop in Sacramento got in and helped us set up the pump. The distributor / pump combo cost us 3 hours, but we got back out Saturday night and started climbing back up the board. The car ran well, and continued to handle flawlessly.

The automatic #41 Pinto was left at the track after the event.

Changing Drivers.

Makin' friends...

...and the inevitable "People's Curse"

John Clark Photo Karyn Johnson Photo

Driving the penalty bus. CK took a turn at the wheel also.

And despite our troubles, we perservered and had a blast.


Ridiculous By Design.

The aftermath. It's just getting good.

Ecurie Ecrappe. In 2007 we took it to another level -

So does that mean we build the team transporter out of hacked up schoolbus for next time? Stay tuned...

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