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Ecurie Ecrappe/AUTODENTA Sears Pointless 2010

150 Cars arrived at Infineon Raceway for the March 6-7 24 Hours of LeMons "Sears Pointless" event. One of these was the Ecurie Ecrappe / Autodenta Alfa Spider, a seasoned veteran among LeMons cars. Between races, some minor brake work was attended to, as well as some straightening to the bodywork - but otherwise the Alfa appeared mostly as-run from the previous Thunderhill event.

Conrad S. Nick P. Martin L. Christine K. and Jeff G. took stints during the weekend, and the car was a somewhat frequent visitor to the penalty box during the event - but managed to come out 54th or so...

After the event, there might be a few maintenance items on the list (sticking brakes comes to mind) but it soldiered on through another one..... Thanks Conrad!

Photos below are in no particular order- most were shot by Nick.

Martin L. Jumps in for a stint at Sears Pointless

Christine celebrates her birthday behind the wheel of the Ecurie Ecrappe Spider!

Conrad behind the wheel - you can tell it's early in the event, as the front fenders are still holding their shape. History has shown that As the events wear on, the wind pressure from the speed of the Alfa tends to collapse the front corners.

Mad Maxeltov Capri

Saturday Morning Drivers' Meeting

Cheaty LeMons pinewood derby cars

The real thing mimicks pinewood derby with elaborate bodies - both in design and material choice

Night Service

Armand inspects Conrad's work

Judge Phil organized the Burlesque

Melee folks in the pits

Melee folks in the penalty box

Staff Parking - with the event in our own backyard, we were able to drive our own hoopties. Armand's Sunbeam Alpine and Nick's 2002

Jay's GTV

My SS, and Christine's Duetto

Sunday Morning's Drivers' Meeting

Notice the rat on the right front fender. Our first Arc-Angel welded animal!

Erica A - bi-coastal staffer

Cassie the Mini-Dog - California event staffer

Knuckles, Cassie, Hoobert, and Harrison - oh, wait there are some people in there too

Easy Porsche 914/908

Uh-oh. Who me?

The staff isn't immune to penalties - here we are in the "West Virginia Homesteader Penalty"

And then it was over....

Special thanks (again) to Stevenson Restoration Services

and : Alfa Parts Exchange

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