hardtuned.com's Melee Assault Vehicle: The Tarmac Rallye prepared 1965 Ford Cortina GT.
Team members Jeff Glenn and Melee veteran Craig Sarachene piloted the Ford "Cortini" powered by Abarth Fiat in a convincing show of British and Italian cooperation. There were no Lucas meets Magneti Marelli disasters, and the duo were able to humm right along at a satisfactory pace.
"On the third day we had a slight incident with a trailing arm bracket - but all in all it was an excellent event - I really enjoyed the dirt bonus sections, despite the speedometer vibrating out of the dash. " Glenn said.
Some of Northern California's best and narrowest roads were attacked by the California Melee in early September.

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. Start, San Francisco CA.
"CHiP's" Presence: Visible
. .
Le Mans style TR2, The ex- Dean Martin Peugeot 504 Convertible, and the Quattroporte - which would have been more appropriate with 4 passengers all wearing black suits.
. .
. .
First Fuel top off outside Napa, and sunglasses and driving gloves in the Formula 400 Firebird.
. .

Craig's Cortina orientation
. alfa Ice Chesti Lamm's Alfa
 Swiftly driven Alfa accomodations Fort Bragg
. wheel bearing consultation . Dirt Bag Winning Car Puma . 3/4 cyl tr3 . Haulin' Jag!
. . Steve McQueen style 911
rock chips DIRT! .
. . .
. Triumph Extraction on
Bonus + section
. . . .
. . Bling Bling. Cortina Trunk Theater is the ultimate In Car entertainment systems. No, Spreewell Racing did not set this one up...... Maybe it was the weight of the TV that broke the right rear trailing arm..... The street scene at Chenery Park.
. . . Awards and Swag @ Chenery Park
Left to right: Jeff gives out the goods, Todd (Firebird / coon skin cap) collects raffle prizes. Todd (no relation - Austin America) displays the Oddball award, and finally the buildup to the "Spirit of the Dirtbag" Award.


Tire Wear - Cortina

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