hardtuned: California Melee XIII - The Roll-Off Scene

Scott and Rina Tillsdale rolled in and pegged the patina meter with this bare aluminum 1950 Jowett Jupiter

Always spotting fashion, hardtuned.com correspondant Christine "Leadfoot" K. points to Duff R.'s vintage-looking Triumph sweater. Photos in this collection by Leadfoot are noted with a 'CK'.

Peter Holbrook's '67 Rover and Chris Obert's ex-barbershop advertising '59 Fiat Multipla.

In looking over the car list and the description of Don Lemelin's 1964 Corvette, the stats were answered with a "?" A lot of Stingray owners would go to pain-staking lengths to dissect the production quantites (and rarity) of their particluar option sets - like the fact that of the 22,229 1964 Corvettes, only 13,925 were convertibles, and only 3,454 cars were equipped with paint code 916, which everyone knows is Daytona blue, and when comparing Stingray seats, the 1964 seat backs were slightly thicker than they were in '63, and that's when they dropped the adjusting mechanism for the bottom cushions...... That's why Don is out here in the rain on the Melee, driving it.... Awesome. Next to that is the Datsun Z owned by my dad who has had a few Corvettes over the years, but was never wrapped up in the numbers scene. Which raises the question, why the hell do I know all of this stuff? That's another story.

Bring a Trailer fashion, and Fiat fashion.

Martin L. was on hand to pick up the packet. His car, the La Carrera Alfa Taxi was still on the other side of the bay.

For some folks it's coffee in the morning. For Armando L. it's a smoldering log

"Red" Fred Johansen's "Barn Fresh" Maserati 3500 had a great 'left a note on it' story

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