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Chris's Mini - 1980 Mini with Fortech flares and a whole bunch of interesting mods - including coil springs replacing the rubber cone suspension, big motor, and that great yellow/white primer...  
Chris' favorite shirt, circa 1989 -a black tee shirt with the inscription - "Real Carreras have four cams"  
Chris Frank DB2 - run a couple of times back in late 1993 and perhaps early 1994 when I was running my Tiga. It is possible that it hasn't seen the light of day since 1994.
UPDATE ON THE SWIFT: Chris has just renewed his SCCA liscense. It is on the track again!!!  
Chris Frank 356 A Coupe
Restoration began before college I think, but is pictured here at his wedding - (no motor yet but otherwise looking good) There was some mixup with the transmission upon installation.
 Trevor Frank 914-4  
Finished in Porsche Orange 914-4 E Prod.  
Recently restored by frankracing. The car is the ex-Richie Ginther (Former Formula One driver and mechanic, sports car racer, and Pan America winner)
1956 Porsche 550 A Spyder  
Part of the racing stable.
The car spent a long time on the second story of the parking solutions in the frankracing garage.
Chris Frank 914-6  
Sport Exhaust, wicked sounds.....
Chris actually filled the car with gas once, and after filling it, realized that he had put diesel into the car. It also suffered a body blow when a wheel came off a car going the other way on the freeway, and landed right in front of the right front wheel of the six. The six ran over the wheel, and deposited it out of the rear of the right front fender - causing a massive wheel-well dent....
Photo unavailable at this time-