jeff's pre-owned vehicle sales lot

1977 MGB  
Repaint & Sold
1975 Porsche 914 1.8  
Salvaged Title - two cars welded together in the middle and the original fuel injection unit in a box full of spiders - Purchased from a really shady guy north of Stockton
Sold to a guy who said he was a mechanic....profit -1k
smelled like cheap cologne inside
1976 Porsche 911 S  
Buyer had me locate a car - Came from Santa Cruz - this got a respray and shipped offto NY - profit - quite good
 Serg and Jeff Turns See the Subaru Chronicles and the Volkswagen Bus page......
1963 Mini  
Was my streetcar for a while in high school...
Blue Bugeye  
Bought for extra transmision for my white sprite, and immediately sold
White Bugeye  
Traded the white mini for another mini and this sprite - 998 cc - open exhaust, and kind of scary to drive.
1961 and 1963 Minis
Got the cream mini (flexi-flyer with a glass floor and no rear seat/package shelf) in a trade with the white bugeye. The red shell was the recipient of many of the parts. I never quite finished the car - and sold both to Mini Mania's Don Racine.
White Mini  
Went through it, raced it, and used it up. After I spun a bearing on the freeway at 110+ mph I traded it for the cream mini and white sprite.
1966 Ford Cortina GT  
Backup car for everything - bought at the British Car Meet '89 - sold in 1991.
1973 Alfa Romeo GTV  
Rusty doors, leaky transmission,bad seats, and paint like the brown Cortina...neat car to drive... Profit - less than 400
1961 Volkswagen Single Cab  
Bought, restored, stuffed a big motor in it, and drove for a couple of years - sold to Japan
RHD, irs, semaphores, safari windows.....
1967 MGB  
Basket case - looked like easy restoration, but I decided against it; came out even.
1990 Mustang  
Reliable car from 1990 - early 1997. 130k miles of me driving- towing - grinding tires- the car was stolen and recovered at about 90k miles, hit with bill in the passengers seat,etc. 17"rims, Hella rallye 2000's Koni Sports, and flowmasters.
1968 Land Rover
88" Station Wagon - Tropical roof, 7 passenger, Toro Overdrive, 4cyl Petrol, very cool, fun and slow.
 Thor's Rover - belonged to napa vinyard owner, in very original condition - did interior and cleanup - sold it twice... it was a good deal, both times... ultimately sold over the internet to Maryland....  
1983 Porsche 911 SC  
My daily driver - sold 6/2000
1973 Porsche 911  
Tony's 911 - Fake S with Jerry Woods 3.4 liter and a sport muffler. Lots of torque, and a little rust above the motor. Engine and tranny sold seperately (by tony after the one deal I put together fell through - he made more on it anyway...)
 Tide Porsche 944 ITS race car  
Dr. Brown's 944 - sold over the internet to Oregon. I delivered it to San Francisco. It took just over a month to sell....