Turned and Burned Part One - serg's pre-owned vehicle sales lot

Red '82 Le Car bought at Concord AMC dealer from mechaninc for $75. 3 hours of rubbing out paint and it looked great. Sold to Pleasanton Pizza delivery guy.
1982 Audi Coupe. Bought from father of some big rock bands drummer. (will tell ya when I remember who it was). Car had a nasty habit of wanting to 4 wheel steer during tight turns... scary! Sold to 2 crazy Israelis in San Jose.
 1978 BMW 530i. Only turn and burn I lost money on. Car had a bad 2nd gear and an intermitent starter. I was glad to sell it! Brown vinyl interior had been spray painted black! YUMMY!!
1978 BMW 320i. First BMW I owned. Great car, had new paint and was really nice. Burned a bit of oil. Very tight. Sold to some guy from Antioch.
1980 Subaru 4x4 Wagon. Bought in San Rafael in mountains from a tree hugger kinda guy. Kick ass 4 wheel drive, as attested to by the Autoscene Vineyard run seen under Subaru Chronicles on this site. Leaked oil, faded paint. Sold to a guy who was gonna use it for a ski car.
1982 Buick Skylark. Left to me by my beloved grandfather. Nothing special, had salvage title. Sold to a used car lot in Livermore.
1982 Colt. Bought from couple in Fremont for $1000. Car was a previous rental car. Had a different color passenger door. This thing would literally leak out a quart of oil every time it was park. In the 3 weeks it took me to sell this heap (to an unsuspecting Russian family for $1700) it went through a CASE of oil! Jeff's mom thought I would never sell it.... :)
1994 Toyota Corolla DX. Bougth new. Was my daily driver for 2 years. Very neutral, easy to drift and slide. A pig of an autocrosser.
 1996 Acura Integra GSR. Also bought new and driven daily for 1 year. Had 170hp 4 cylinder with an 8k redline. Felt like riding my motorcycle with the way the motor would spin up. Iceman intake really made it grwol when the VTEC would kick in at around 6k. Sold for $18k cash to a kid who got money from a lawsuit for getting the shit beat out of him in High School. He had to smoke pot to ease the pain... dude was definitely a brick short. "The IceMan"
 1982 Mazda RX-7. Black with permanent tree sap on hood. Lost driveshaft on the freeway on the way to Jeff's house. That was scarry... Rotary power is very interesting! Starter did not always want to work. Gawd awful red interior.
1980 Saab 900 Turbo. Bought from a business owner in San Jose who depreciated it to $0 and sold to me for $450. Car had been hit and salvaged. Had crimples over both rear fenders. When the turbo kicked in it felt like a normal car.. it was slow. Sold to some kid in Concord in 4 days after buying it for $1500.
1988 Merucry Sable GS.... the dark years... I bought (I have NO IDEA WHY) and drove this piece of crap for 2 years. It was the Kalmar forklift car. Tranny blew up and was rebuilt. Lame, boring, soft piece of crap..... Sold to Russian guys who came in a Cad Eldorado with flourescent lights under the car... yucko...