Troy Cross' Cal Bug Corner

At age 16, personalized plates seemed like such a good idea. I had the "KLLRBE" MGB....... Troy had the "RIPPR67" 1967 Cal look bug.
Troy did all of the modifications, and paint scheme. This car became somewhat famous for its front ride height, clutch drop wheelies, and the rather large speakers whumpin out the tunes.
Ouch! while parked in front of my parents house, the across the street neighbor backed over the Troy "Ripper '67" bug.
  "ZUSLAGN" - Translation - "slammed" - 1958 23 window ragtop bus- which originally featured rust colored primer, milkcrates for seats, and a stinger that would shoot 3 foot flames. This is after the bondo and paint. It was powered (for a while) by the 1835cc motor out of the speedster replica after that was upgraded to a 1914cc.
  Another beauty that escaped the camera lens was the community owned primer '62 "roadster bug" - powered by that same 1835cc motor... e - brake special...
Before 1956 Oval, after the bus (a 67sunroof bug, and a GTI)
"OVL TANG" - plate was first rejected by DMV....
sort of the ultimate classic CAL bug
Before Troy now resides in Turlock CA, is a Police Officer, and has gotten back into the bug scene with this military type 181.

Currently, the Type 181 is on the market, and the next project is under way...
'63 Karmann Ghia coupe
"Oh my eye"
below: after paint 3/9/03

Troy's List of VW obsession

'67 Bug / 'RIPPR67' w/ drag racer paint theme

'62 Euro-semiphore-Rag top bug

'58 Bus-23 window ragtop safari (note cool 16v antenna) 'ZUSLAGN'

'62 Bug "Roadster" can we say 'E-Brake'

'84 GTI (tripple roll over by passs victim)'Zuslagn" plate retired

'67 Sunroof Bug (the 2 week deal, bought for $400, washed, sold $900)

'56 Oval Rag top 'OVL TANG', DMV rejected plate at first. yummmy

'67 Bug - metallic blue w/ Porsche Alloys. Special thanks Hit-n Run Drunk driver for Rear ender ;(

'89 GTI 16v Neuspeed

'81 Rabbit

'89 Cabriolet

'99 Passat

'71 Typ181 German Military Thing

'63 Karmann Ghia coupe (under construction)

Troy..... you are as crazy a I am ..... jeff