The Perku Chronicles

Perku Nathiswaya and a crazy cast of entrepreneurs are ready to buy your goods and services with cashiers cheque plus shipping, sell you their incredible collections, or hit you with nonsensical schemes.

Hardtuned's Alfa SS Perku Nathiswaya's Exotic Kar Konnexshun of Kenya

Part One, an introduction to Perku and his cast of scammers

hulks Philip Wanjala Bamaga's Exotic Brewing Konnexshun

Philip Wajala Bamaga's Exotic Brewing Konnexshun of North Beach (PBEBKNB). "Welcome my dearest BREWING enthusiast friends. In my country of North Beach, there are many old millionaires of shipping and commerce, real estate, and large industry. There are also many newer millionaires of the stocks, and internet economy. Many of these idle city dwellers are discovering the enjoyable hobby and business of brewing or distilling liquids for consumption."

Honoring Festival de Motor XXXVIX

Perku Nathiswaya Exotic Kar Kollexshun
These fine vehicles from my personal stable are available to you, the exotic and classic "conno sewer".

Perku's Tuner Kar Kollexshun (PTKK)
Perku's English Klassick Kar Kollexshun (PEKKK)
Perku's Affordable Exotic Kollexshun (PAEK)

Urban Style Magazine

Urban Style magazine profiles international playboy and lending institution Perku Nathiswaya

art Dr. Kiethy Wood's Falcon Rescue

The good works of Dr. Kiethy Wood's Falcon Rescue of Buenos Aries (DKWFRBA)

National Corvette Museum Ambassador Member
The National Corvette Museum Celebrates NCM Ambassador Member Perku Nathiswaya and announces a partnership with Perku and crude oil merchant Johno O. Aboh to sell off his extensive collection of Corvettes - including his rare Sessay Massaque Ghana built Corvette Kustoms. Economic downturns and rough times for Nathiswaya's Somali Coast tourist fishing venture create a unique opportunity for Corvette Collectors around the globe..

jagpromotions Hulks in Palekaiko II

Dr. Kiethy Wood and Dr Simon Kamarra troll the big island for automotive treasures