The Renault R5s-Green, Gold, Red, Yellow

Green 1978 LeCAR-Owner: Serg, Jeff, Bill
Purchase Price: $35.00 (split 3ways)
Key features: Blown headgasket, warped block and the famous water in the gas and oil smell. Bill assisted in choke cable cutting....when we went to bolt the head on with the new gasket, the block was so warped that it the head rocked back and forth - solution: Torque it down 45% tighter than recommended.
only photo of car actually driving

We also failed to grasp the concept that the radiator needed to be bled- consequently the car sprayed water all over the drivers feet after 4 or 5 miles. beginning stripping phase
When it stopped running on its own, we converted it into a smoke machine by pouring all sorts of fluids into the oil and gas, and then pulling it with a rope behind the Jetta - clutch out, turning the motor over and churning white clouds out of the tailpipe. R5 surfing with Serg
Gold 1979? LeCar - Owner Serg, Jeff  
Purchase Price - $70.00  
Key Features: Ran, drove, didn't start conventionally. This was the bump start special after we found out how much a replacement starter would cost, and how much it work it would take to install it only surviving photo- taken after sold
Sold this car for $375 - new owners had no experience with manual transmissions, (or cars with no starters) We will leave it at that.....  
Red 1983? LeCar - Owner: Serg  
This one may have crested the $100 mark on purchase price, and fetched around six or seven hundred at sale - to a guy who delivered pizzas or something. photo taken in Danville
Yellow 1977 LeCar - Owner: Serg
Former stealth racecar celeb Eric Purcell R5.  
Key Features: Sunroof, Penske valved shocks, LOW, bumpin graphic EQ and tape player, no brakes. It was the camera car in the Evening Magazine TV show for their story on the Renault Cup - filmed at Laguna Seca....
Sold to French car enthusiast in Serg's neighboorhood with a MATRA, and several Renaults.....
The Eric Purcell / Serg R5 still lives in San Jose, with the same owner who bought it from Serg- This photo was taken 8/2005. It's a small Renault world, as I purchased my R16 from the same gentleman. It now rides on alloys, and has mag wheels.