autoscene the subaru chronicles
"Peter Shubaru" - Acquired by Serg and Jeff while living in the "Driftstone Apartments" on 5th Street in Downtown San Jose. Price: $50.00 Running.
Special Features: Completely fried clutch - car was immobile. It was towed to the resting spot pictured here with the Mustang and a tow dolly. Note the pristine bodywork.
The "shubaru" term was coined from the previous owners pronounciation of the brand name - along the same lines as "Lice -A - Loni, that San Flancisco treat." The car was sold for $375 - or so.
"Breema" Subaru. Owner - Serg
Personalized Plate :Breema. This was a Serg Turn and Burn vehicle for resale. One day, the three of us got together and decided to take a spin in the Breema Subaru. We ended up in Livermore.
We found a "dirt road" that looked a little damp. What a great place to check out the four wheel drive, and not stir up a cloud of dust. To say the mud was soft would be an understatement. The car was up to the axles- there was one dry spot- where the photo on the right was taken.
Serg was a little concerned about getting the car stuck.
It took us a while to get the thing out of the vinyard, and back to the road at about .3 mph....
Needless to say, with the wheels, brakes and car packed with mud (and thrown way off balance), it did not drive so well when back on the pavement.

2007 Subaru WRX STI - Serg

After a string of Land Rovers and a Ferrari 308 GTB4, Serg decided to get all modern with four wheel drive: