Engine # XPEG 1872

(Photo taken before restoration)

Vehicle Identification # HDC46 8022

HD - Open Two Seat

C - Dark Red

4 - Left Hand Drive - North America

6 - Paint finish - Cellulose (laquer) body with synthetic (enamel) wings

TF 8022 was built in December of 1954 as a 1955 model year car.

It was purchased in Concord California by a Mr. S. Daddino for his wife Grace. She drove the car from 1955 until 1972 when it was parked presumably for a problem with the engine. (Upon dissasembling the engine, aside from the fact that it was siezed, there were signs of excessive heat in the number four cylinder.) The odometer read 17,443.

It remained indoors for 30 years; car was moved to the son's garage several years ago, after the passing of Mrs. Daddino. The car was driven around Concord, and the East Bay by Mrs. Daddino. Their son recalled taking the car to San Francisco once.

The MG had been inexpensively resprayed a lighter shade of red in the late sixties. The fender piping had been painted over. It was apparent that nothing had been removed when the car was sprayed by the original paint under all of the chrome, and in the engine compartment.

I "discovered" the car during the summer of 2002, and promptly began its restoration. In addition to its' extremely low mileage, the car had suffered no water damage ever. It still has all of its' original wood floors, body timbers, body panels, and wings (fenders). The frame was completely corrosion and damage free.

TF 8022 was a low option car; It was equipped with disc wheels, no fog light, and no fender mirrors have ever been mounted to the front wings (fenders).

For a comprehensive look at the restoration of MG TF 1500 # 8022, visit the Frame Off Restoration.

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