Ecurie Ecrappe 2007

In 2006, the Ecrappe team ran their 1990 VW Golf fast and smart, led the field early, and were running in second until the last forty minutes of the event, when endurance racing circumstances combined with hard luck relegated the team to fifth overall and the car to a smoking hulk. This year they've done their homework and switched manufacturers during the silly season. Like Kimi Raikkonen, Ecrappe has gone to Italy in search of victory. Or just good red wine, and great times.

The vision:

Conrad explains the sweeping tail design - similar to below:


Our Canvas in Steel below:

The 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider. One broken oil pan, a hoopty oil pump, and shot front suspension. These photos were taken in March after the car first arrived. The car fired up and idled. In the passing weeks progress has been made, and no, we're not planning on running these seats or the wooden wheel. The following photos (below) were shot on Sunday April 8th.

Significance: The motor has been raised for ground clearance, and some suspension details dealt with.

Mock up for aerodynamics, and fuel tank. The trunk floor has been removed in order to relocate the fuel tank to a safer position.

Here's the car on the ground. Looking good. Once it's running and a few more plasma cutter details ironed out, it may be moved to last year's prep facility for additional weight removal. The car will probably cross international borders between Oakland and Berkeley several times for cage fabrication and other heavy lifting.

Lightened by nature!

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