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Ecurie Ecrappe 2007-2015

Ecurie Ecrappe, the twisted offshoot of the 1957 LeMans winning Ecurie Ecosse team is at it again. In 2006, their A2 VW Golf ran quickly and was on the leaderboard for most of the event. An alternator failure compounded with a head on collision knocked them from second to fifth place in the final stages of the event.

For the 2007 July 7-8 "Championship Race" the team switched manufacturers, opting for the Italian might of Alfa Romeo just as the brand is poised to re-enter the US market. Shrewd move or disaster? It was a mixed result - the team showed speed early on, starting off strong, and moving into 1st spot briefly around the 3 hour mark, when mechanical troubles surfaced. A lengthy stop dropped the team from contention - but they forged ahead... It's become a bit of a theme.

Ecurie Ecrappe brought their surviving racer to the Concorso Italiano during the Monterey weekend two years in a row and turned more than a few heads.

At the October '07 LeMons race the "rough driving" was legendary, and marked a turning point in the series - heading towards higher speeds, cleaner driving and less contact. The Alfa forged ahead, despite several hard hits that should have taken it out of contention. December saw the addition of the 1957 Alfa nose, and new paint for 2008.

Just when you thought it should be retired, it came back out for the Arse-Freeze-Apalooza at Thunderhill December 2008 and finished 18th. It was also spotted at the Hillsborough Concours rubbing shoulders with some pretty high-end machinery. Ecurie Ecrappe made the treck to Fernley Nevada in May of '09 where it finished 11th. Will these idiots ever learn? I guess not - it was back on track at Thunderhill, Sears Point and Reno. Year after year it keeps on circulating. Eight years after it's inception, the Ecurie spider has been reborn for 2015... Scroll down to follow the progression of one of the most well known West Coast LeMons race cars.

Team MembersEcurie Ecrappe Original Team Members - Drivers

The HulkSo what does a $400 Alfa look like? Here are the first images, and peek at the vision. First shots

Illegal drivesIllegal Drives - We wouldn't do that would we?

Pick and Pull this Parts Gathering

Sand and Heat Tubing benders can be difficult and cost money. Sand and heat however... Fabrication

backyard fun After the main push of roll bars and floor bending, there's more on the list: Fabrication part 2

Aerodynamics. Wind tunnels, testing, computational fluid dynamics and more.

shirt engineer Christine tackles team apparel. Why screen print when you can spray? Ecurie Ecrappe T-Shirts

Paint and more Ecurie Ecrappe's signature crest is applied to the Alfa, and the Fangio seat heads towards legality: Ecurie Ecrappe Craft Weekend

Ecurie Ecrappe's Final Stages of Preparation For July

LeMons Weekend July Day One: The strategy of Pit Setup, and Testing

LeMons July Weekend. On Track and Aftermath.

Ecurie Ecrappe Event Slideshow

Ecurie Ecrappe early shakedown run

Concorso Italiano

Sports Car Market noticed it.

Jalopnik also picked up on our first outing to Concorso.

Atspeedimages.com also enjoyed the Spider at Concorso...

The Alfabb couldn't stay away either.

Ecurie Ecrappe Pinewood Derby Car

October 24 Hours of Lemons race at Altamont

The scramble for December's "Hapless for the Holidays" Thunderhill event

Jalopnik's 2007 pre race photo montage features the Ecurie Ecrappe Spider

On track at Thunderhill's LeMons event

Murilee Martin's engine of the day

Prep for LeMons SF at Altamont May 2008

On Track at Lemons SF at Altamont May 2008

Then we took the Spider to Concorso again.

and Jalopnik picked it up here.

Fangio-Ecurie Ecrappe/Autodenta video footage on you-tube wasn't made by us, but by a rabid fangio fan at Concorso.

These guys like it too.

Tire warming in the 24 Hours of LeMons parking lot.

Ecurie Ecrappe at the 2008 LeMons Arse-Freeze-Apalooza at Thunderhill in Willows California.

Scroll down on Autofiend's top 20 Coolest cars of LeMons Thunderhill- #11 is the Ecurie Ecrappe Autodenta Alfa

And you'll find it by scrolling down to #18 on Murilee Martin's Jalopnik recap of the top 100 finishers.

Jay was interviewed on Ecrappe/Autodenta spider for Automobile magazine.

February 12th 2009 Thunderhill Test Day

At the Hillsborough Concours 2009

May 23-34 Goin' For Broken- Reno/ Fernley

Sacre-bleu! L'Ecurie Ecrappe Spider dans ADDX Tuning!

The Wall Street Journal

Arse Freeze-Apalooza Thunderhill 2009

LeMons Wall of Blame vote on Jalopnik

And Here on Autoblog

Sears Pointless March 6-7 2010

Ecurie Ecrappe at Thunderhill Goin' For Broken - is it possible to add more patina?

Ecurie Ecrappe at Arse-Sweat-Apalooza- How'd it get to be pink?

Ecurie Ecrappe February 2011 at the Ecurie Factory Shop

Ecurie Ecrappe March 2011 at the Ecurie Factory Shop

Sears Pointless 2011

Ecurie Ecrappe

12th overall

The saga continues.....

Goin' For Broken 2011

Reno Fernley

69th overall

Troubles with mechanical fuel injection at the West Coast's first true 24 Hour LeMons race.

Sears Pointless 2012

Vodden The Hell Are We Doing? 2012

Sears Pointless 2013. Back at it.

Arse-Freeza-Apalooza 2013

2015 Preparation and rebirth of the Ecurie Ecrappe Spider

2015 SEARS POINTLESS marks the return of the Spider

Special thanks to: Alfa Parts Exchange