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Ecurie Ecrappe/AUTODENTA Sears Pointless 2011

After the previously documented prep sessions, the Spider was transferred to hardtuned's garage a week before the race. While there, a temp sensor was replaced, elaborate front brake ducts constructed, and pads and fluids were changed. During the week of the event, Conrad hauled it up to Martin's garage at Infineon.

Until this year, we've always joked that Mother Nature loves the LeMons, as we've lucked out more times than not with the weather being decent all over the country for these events. For 2011, that deal has clearly expired. Friday at Infineon was wet, and Saturday was torrential. Sunday stayed dry - until the end of the race.

The Ecurie Ecrappe team decked themselves in plaid, and made more of an effort to back up the Ecurie Ecrappe (Ecosse) theme with the new paint and full Scottish regalia.

The LeMons crew were secretly going for a Guinness book record for the largest field to start a road race in North America - and the target was 175 cars. 182 were entered, but only 155 of those managed to cross the white stripe for the start -- but that was plenty. Conrad led, and with the rain pulled off an amazing 4 hour first stint which put the car into the lead for several hours. The team continued to hover near the front, and ran full-tank stints. A Spica injection throttle-rod backed off near the end of the race, resulting in a tow truck push off the course and a 20 minute stop for repairs. Despite the stop, the team cruised to 12th place overall in a field of 180. Most of the photos below were shot by Ecurie's photographer, Nick P.

Tech - Friday afternoon

Friday's test day was shared with some fancy company

The real Ferrari guys didn't seem to get the joke

Passed Tech - must be the new wheel color.

Anna of the Beevil Mineval Capri team

Bobsled team and Paddock

Bitchin' Falcon belongs to Steven Cavalieri - the artist who created the original LeMons poster artwork and logo

Ecurie Ecrappe street car compound / staff parking - four members of the team were also running LeMons HQ during the event

Rolling out to the grid on Saturday. Note the lack of windshield wiper.

Here I'm demonstrating Conrad's wiper solution - a stiffened hanger with a towel to remove scuzz from the screen.

Pace Cars


Conditions were far from ideal for the first several hours

That's 99 in the number 1 spot!

Judge Phil had several teams construct cardboard engines from scratch as penalties. Note the flames on the exhaust.

Bill and Adam search for more power

"Arc Angel" disturbed by a team's bribe magazine that found its way into HQ

Easy 914 looks good on track

Tigra & Bunny Theme'd Hayward Style Minitruck "kicked some distance" with sub-woofers and Tigra and Bunny impersonators.

Volvo clad Miata - the Molvo - and wild stuff in the paddock

Ecurie's Jeff and Conrad

Late in the race a throttle linkage problem developed and stranded Martin.

Repairs in the paddock

Simca was tech'd and got out for the last 3 laps.

Instead of nickels, we gave out $1500 worth of Russian Rubles.

Post event loading - we lent Bill the LeMons truck for towing. This is minutes before the rain returned.

Special thanks to: Stevenson Restoration, Martin's Garage

and : Alfa Parts Exchange

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