The GLOVE of the day

Started by the mixed metaphor "Kevin, dat thing run like a glove."

Man, I slept like a glove last night.

Oh man. I ain't gonna be here when the shit hits the glove.

They're like two peas in a glove.

"The new Supercharged Elise stops on a glove."

You can lead a glove to water, but you can't make it drink.

A glove a day helps keep the doctor away.

Walter Röhrl explains, "The GT2 corners like it's on gloves."

That boy has a glove in his bonnet.

They had to make like a glove and split.

If it looks like a glove and barks like a glove...

Those boys are a glove short of a picnic...

Their agreement was sealed with a glove...

That thing works like a glove...

After filming this scene, Sean Connery remarked, "I'm sweating like a glove."

Barney says, "Don't be such a glove in the mud."

The Shoog just stood there on the side of the road shootin' the glove with Randy and Pete.

That tire is as smooth as a baby's glove.

You're barking up the wrong glove.

When your dad buys you the Frua Camaro for your 16th birthday, you know you were born with a silver glove in your mouth.

When I heard the news that you weren't supposed to actually smoke the candy cigarettes, it hit me like a ton of gloves.

Speak softly and carry a big glove.

On skates, he's faster than a speeding glove.

Bill stood up and said, "Don't be such a glove in the mud. Let's dine and dash!"

"The only glove in the ointment was when we lowered the Audi, we didn't think about it having to roll."

"When you take a close look at a lot of the modifications on the Yoo-Hoo donk, it's a lot of glove and mirrors."

"The Chrysler Maserati TC was the black glove of the all Italian car show."

"What you're looking at is the pot of gloves at the end of the rainbow."

(Happy B-day L.J.E.)

As he floated through space (at the party) Nick realized it was hot as a glove in there

"I don't want to toot my own glove, but this haircut is Top Notch! "

That rolex keeps time like a swiss glove

When that guy gets started on the moonshine, he crazy like a glove

Craig got the short end of the glove when the skillsaw shot that piece of wood across the room.

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