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First Drive Tiga SC85 - at a Shelby Club track day event at Sears Point. Previous owner, Jon Jamieson (hunched over) helped me run the car for the first time. He won the San Francisco Region season title in the Tiga in 1992. He also raced a Giulietta with Al Leake.

Laguna Seca - my first club race with the Tiga.

Note the "N" for Novice.

First finish. There were just enough of those to be invited to the Pacific Coast Road Racing Championships that year, (and also win DM in SCCA SOLO II in the Super 7)


Developing the 1994 color scheme

Marketing One Incorporated - First cash sponsorship

In my parent's garage...

Note: My dad always shows up in these photos, but my mom doesn't... she's taking the shots.

Chris Frank, Swift DB2 at Thunderhill, October 1994 - We both attended SJSU, and shared a house a block from campus.

4 Poles, 5 wins, and the San Francisco Region S2000 Championship

and a little bodywork.... thanks dad.

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