R a c i n g A r c h i v e


The Parking Lot Years


School days - Bondurant, Jim Russell, and SCCA Road Racing

SCCA Road Racing - SF Region Sports 2000

Novice Driver and a fairly quick car. What could possibly go wrong?

SCCA Pro Racing - ACRL 1994-1996

"Privateer", Prep Shop, then back to Privateer

Carbir Factory S2000 - ACRL

Carbir S2000 Factory program, testing and development

Carbir Factory F2000

Carbir F2000 Factory program, testing and development

Endurance Racing - Heyer Modderman 944 - NASA

Running the 12 Hours of Thunderhill for Tony Heyer and Dave Modderman in the 944 Porsche

Barber Dodge Pro Series

"Spec" racing for Boise Cascade Office Products

WSC/ Grand AM

Genesis Motorsports WSC

Kopf Keiler

Hylton Atlantic

Van Diemen S2000 Testing

Development testing for US distributor - EFM

Track Testing for Sports Car International Magazine

Driving around in circles, then writing about it.

24 Hours of LeMons

How the mighty have fallen - well sort of.